Problems with cmakelist

asked 2018-01-03 11:06:29 -0600

flperez gravatar image

I am using the tool kobukiViewer and it works perfectly but when I compile it with its CmakeList my pc don't find the libraries which JdeRobot install (JderobotInterfaces,jderobotutil...). I tried to add it manually with: addlibrary(JderobotInterfaces SHARED IMPORTED) setproperty(TARGET JderobotInterfaces PROPERTY IMPORTED_LOCATION "/opt/jderobot/lib/")

But it is not very correct and I have problems with links the other libraries. To sum up, in your CmakeList link these libraries with: ${commLIBRARIES} ${ZeroCIceLIBRARIES} ... but my pc don't recognize it. any ideas?

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