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Report on follow-line exercise in JdeRobot Academy.

asked 2018-05-29 10:48:45 -0600

debrup gravatar image

I solved the "follow - line " exercise using PID control. Details about my solution of the exercise can be found in my wiki - and here is the working video of the solution - . During testing I did not find any mentionable bugs as everything worked fine . Overall it is an excellent exercise which can help one to enhance his/her skills in OpenCV , PID control etc.

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answered 2018-05-30 04:40:22 -0600

iarranz gravatar image

Hi Debrup,

Thank you for the report, the tests and the solution you provide. It helps us a lot to keep improving in each of the practices. It looks amazing :D

Regards, Nacho.

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Asked: 2018-05-29 10:48:45 -0600

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