Problem with "Global_Navigation" practice

asked 2018-05-06 15:19:21 -0600

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I'm doing the practice "Global_Navigation" and when i try to find the shorter path, i have a problem with the function self.grid.showGrid() : a windonw is open but not charge nothing, the function never ends, nothing appear. I know that never ends because when the function finish it should appear "finish" in the shell. The code is:

    print("Grid created")
    # Representacion

And the out is:

  Grid created

I show you a picture here ( with what it happens when i run it. As you can see, the window to show the grid is open but nothing charge, and nothing appear and the window goes darkness.

Can anyone tell me what can i do? I don't know if it's my mistake or it's a problem with the code of the function.

Thank you

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