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GSOC project idea

asked 2018-02-17 02:59:10 -0600

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Hello, I am student currently studying Software Engineering.I am interested to take part in the JdeRobot GSOC . I have studied that jdeRobot has VisualStates tool for programming robot behavior using hierarchical Finite State Machines. But this Finite State Machines are not minimized. The states which are equivalent to each other can be removed and Finite State Machine can become more understandable and efficient. So can you suggest me that i can participate in gsoc by minimizing the Finite State Machines.I have great experience of Finite Machines,Push Down Automata and Turing Machines. I also have good knowledge of opencv and had done some projects using it. Thanks

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answered 2018-03-01 05:15:18 -0600

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right now the FSM minimization is not so important for this tool. We are more interested in integrating it in the ROS community, creating an AppImage of it, extending its functionality to host an automata library, introduce parameters in the automata...

Just follow the application instructions and contact the potential mentors of the projects you are interested in. They will help to refine your proposal and to make it more interesting to the JdeRobot project. Interact with them in order to better prepare your project proposal. There are some programming tests required.

Installing JdeRobot (directions here) and running some examples are good initial steps.

In addition, submitting the corresponding PullRequest to any open issue is a good idea too.



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